Ozinga Field Trip Builds the Path


At each level of of our programs, it's a delight to expose our youth to careers in as many fields as we can. Last month, our Citybuilders Apprentices from both Dreambuilders and Harambee spent a Friday they didn't have school on a field trip to Ozinga's Chicago Offices. 

It's easy for our youth to think of the construction industry through the narrow lens of bulldozers and cranes (although this was overwhelmingly their favorite thing to see). They saw career paths with so many different levels of education required- from dispatch managing logistics and customer relations, quality control, management and research & development- from high school only all the way to PHD's. It was so good for all of us to see how every talent and skill was used to make the whole team function.

I love being able to share with our teens how their skills and passions can come together in such a diversity of career paths- and that even though every employee we met had a different story, the character traits that make them successful are the same: a care for their work, paying attention to details, caring about safety, striving for their best- all traits they work on every day in their apprenticeships at R CITY. Thank you for all you to do help us build this path for our teens and giving them the opportunity to develop all those positive traits.

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