Successbuilders Scholarship Fund

River City is offering financial assistance to eligible, accepted students who are pursuing post-high school education.

R CITY and the River City Church community wish to support students who are pursuing education beyond high school and need financial aid with costs associated with education.

Follow the link below to apply online OR download a paper copy and submit to River City: 3709 W Grand Ave. Applications are due each year on May 15.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What programs does this scholarship cover?

The River City Scholarship Fund can be used for any educational program after high school: university undergraduate education, bachelor degree, associate degree, vocational school, trade school, apprenticeship programs and graduate school.

What costs can I cover with the scholarship money?

Tuition, books, student fees while in school, or you can also use scholarship money to fund costs that you need to get into school: testing fees, test preparation costs, application fees and other similar costs.

Are there any programs this doesn’t cover?

Professional certificate programs or professional designations.

How much money can a recipient get?

Scholarships are given in annual amounts of $500 to $1,000 with a maximum of $4,000 per student. You can get annual scholarships but you must apply each year.

Can anyone receive a scholarship?

Students interested in this must first apply to the program.

Who can apply?

Students who have a demonstrated commitment to River City or R CITY over the past year. We wish to prioritize those students who have been a part of the River City or R CITY community, consistently attending service, church events or participating in either River City or R CITY programs. This includes students in Harambee and Dreambuilders.

As much as we would love to support all students in need, we have to prioritize the students who have been active members of our communities.

How do I apply?

You need to complete an application (see links above). A Scholarship Committee reviews applications and will select students to then interview individually with the committee.

What’s the deadline to apply?

For the academic school year starting in the fall, you must apply no later than May 15 of that year.
Example: For fall 2019 scholarships, applications are due May 15, 2019)

When will I know if I received anything?

Scholarship recipients will be announced each year on July 1.

What if I need money sooner?

We will certainly consider emergency or immediate requests. You still need to complete the application and we need to have funds available.

How do you make your decision about who receives a scholarship?

We try to support as many students as possible. That said, we have to make choices about who receives money. We make selections based upon several factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Your financial need, including access to other sources of funding

  • Your demonstrated commitment to advancing your education

  • Your history of participation with the River City or R CITY communities

  • Your future goals and how you plan to use your education for yourself, your family and your community

Do I get help outside of the scholarship?

Each scholarship recipient is paired with a mentor from the River City or R CITY communities. This mentor meet with you no fewer than once every three months and will support you with counseling, advice, prayer and support.