Become a Pathbuilder

Here at R CITY, we seek to bring together the best of our city to build a path for families to walk children from cradle to career to the glory of God.  

In order to build this path, we need your help. Here are some practical ways you can partner with us and support this important work:

With Relationships

  • Join our PathBuilders group on Facebook to hear about specific needs in real time. Whether it’s volunteering or a unique skill that you can provide, it’s the best way to stay in-the-know.
  • Tell your network about R CITY. Share our Facebook posts, forward our emails, talk about us at your next party–or come to our next party–and help us build the path by inviting like-minded people to join us. Join our e-mail list!
  • Volunteer! We’re always looking for volunteers to help us build the path. Learn more here.

With Resources

  • Set up a recurring donation. When you give faithfully and we serve faithfully, we build a path that every child can rely on.
    • 100 new donors of $30 monthly each year for two years would result in over 25% of our budget coming from recurring donations: a stable and steady way to build the path.
    • An additional 10 new donors of $100 monthly would allow us to build the path beyond, preparing for expanded high school and young adult apprenticeships.

Help us build the path! Questions or ideas? Contact our directors.