God's Love Along the Path


We began a new calendar year with new routines in Dreambuilders- our after school children's program. We have been reading and sharing from the Jesus Storybook Bible with a goal of making sure our kids know that God loves them with a "Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love."

Each time I've shared a story- I prepare myself for constant interruptions- some that you would expect given that our kids are often squirmy after a full day of school - but more often the interruptions are incredible comments showing they have been listening with spiritual ears and are eagerly wrestling with eternal questions. One little guy even drew me a really great picture that's I think is a mashup of Minecraft and Genesis! ;) 

We have been so blessed to witness their engagement- and blessed to have the opportunity to remind them of how lovable and valuable they are. Thank you for continuing to love our youth through your prayers and support! If you are available to love our kids in person, we are looking for additional volunteers as we ramp up into Monday-Friday programming.

Michelle Johnson 
Director of Apprenticeships and Communication

Originally posted in our 2019 February Email Snapshot