Weaving Us Together: R CITY Sunday

The mission of R CITY, from the beginning, has been this: to bring together the best of our city to build a path for families to walk from cradle to career to the glory of God.

paving the way
cradle to career.

We do this formally every day: over 15 hours weekly of after-school enrichment programs, 6 hours weekly of in-school support, leadership training, sibling support for youth with childcare responsibilities, apprenticeships for teens, and more.

Yet as we build our formal path, we are continually faced with obstacles: emergencies that pull families off this cradle-to-career road.

Social troubles.
Legal troubles.
Medical emergencies.
Gang recruitment.

What is needed, we see, is not only a formal path, but what many call a “web of support”: a group of people who know people who know people who know people and who are willing to intervene for one another.

(In the original Christian language: the functional Body of Christ.)

This past Sunday, we built this web at River City Community Church.

We preached it.

29914821444_999645b88b_k-2 (1).jpg

We wove it.

29912151803_ab5a4d5fde_k-1 (2).jpg
29912145073_28b039fc43_k (2).jpg
30545326275_4bc078b3ee_k-11 (1).jpg

We became it.

From our youth to our elders, each one became part of the web, filling in the gifts and joys, the networks and skills God gave them that they could offer one another.


The result is beautiful.

Gift after unique gift, offered to the whole: a safety net to catch any who begin to fall on the path of cradle to career.


We joined in.
We prayed.
We gave.

$8,000 of sacrificial and generous gifts given by individuals and families toward the support of R CITY in the coming year.  (Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.)

And we celebrated.

We celebrated the Web of Support, the Body of Christ.


The Web of Support, the Body of Christ.


For a podcast of R CITY Sunday (10/23/16), visit River City Podcasts.
To give towards our $15,000 goal, visit rcitycdc.org/give.
To be part of our Web of Support and hear calls for support of all kinds as they arise, e-mail us with subject “Web of Support”.