Kathryn Dornbush
Finance & Administration Specialist

email: kathryn.dornbush@rcitycdc.org


What do you love about R CITY?

I love that R CITY helps the youth to grow in more ways than just educationally. The program staff truly care about the youth as individuals and desire to see them grow and overcome life's obstacles. They equip the youth with the necessary skills to overcome those obstacles as well as walk alongside them in the hard things that can't be done alone.

What is something/someone that helped you move along the path from cradle to career?

Mentors in my life helped me move from cradle to career by encouraging me to follow my gifts and passions and not just do what seemed like the "right" thing to do. They encouraged me to seek God in many decisions throughout high school and college and put His calling in my life above money, comfort, and status.