Julian Cruz
Lead Instructor, Dreambuilders Children’s Program

email: julian.cruz@rcitycdc.org


What do you love about R CITY?

R city gives me the opportunity to learn and take action in the community I care for. The relationships we have with our students go way past what a teacher is usually able to do- we are able to reach out in ways schools can’t. I used to want to be a teacher- but I have a much deeper relationships with our students and families here at R CITY.

What is something/someone that helped you move along the path from cradle to career?

Nicki Robinson was a mentor of mine at my church. She was somebody who believed in me and who carried that out by giving me recommendations for opportunities. She told everyone how amazing I was and when I came back from Wheaton and wanted to teach, she asked me what I wanted to do, found out about opportunities and helped me complete my resume and apply for jobs. She told me about an opportunity at By The Hand, where she was working at the time, and put her job on the line for me to get the chance to interview. I got the job- my first job working with youth which paved the way to where I am now at R CITY.