Joseph Cruz
Lead Instructor, Peacebuilders Mentoring



What do you love about R CITY?

I love being able to see the kids as they come into this space, having fun, and laughing.There’s something freeing about that feeling of just being able to be a kid- relieving them of the responsibilities the world puts on them and their families. The pressures of the world are taken off their shoulders the moment they walk into this building. I love being able to encourage them to really be who they are, but also pushing them to be the best version of themselves they can be.

What is something/someone that helped you move along the path from cradle to career?

Someone who has helped me has been my father, who has always been able to point out things I haven’t been able to see within myself and has been able to bring it out of me, which has led me to be about to chase after what I’m passionate about. He really believed in me and gave me support and I want to do the same for youth in this community. A lot of them come from fatherless homes, and I not only want to step into that gap, but invite God to step into that gap. Reconciling them to their heavenly father is something I'm passionate about so that they know there is Someone who does love them, care about them, believes in them and wants to see the best come out of them.