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Giving builds the path of JOY!

The resilient youth of Chicago’s West Side have had to learn how to carve out their own path in difficult circumstances. R CITY works every day to give them the resources they need to build a path that is reliable, a path that leads to careers, a path that allows them to flourish. We believe when our youth are given the tools to flourish, they bring a renewal to their families, their blocks and our entire city.

This year-end, as we prepare for a spring full of programming from Kindergarten to Career, our goal is $40,000. This will set us on solid footing for 2019, carrying us toward new growth next summer.
Will you join us?

For single donations, we also recommend giving via Facebook, which processes with 0% fees.


To donate other types of gifts (including stock, in-kind, or corporate matching), please use our contact information here.