March Madness

As our mission says, we at R CITY continually seek to bring together the best of our city to build the path from cradle to career. Next month, we’re using March Madness as an excuse to party with some of our city’s best, our neighbors at Park Community Church – Logan Square. We can’t wait to open the River City doors wide for Pastor Jason Helveston and his crew to join our River Citizens for all the March Madness we can handle. Those big screens all around River City can do more than just lyrics, after all.

Tickets include an incredible lunch and halftime competitions with prizes and public accolades for the winners. Not only will party guests get to meet our neighborhood youth–fans of basketball both on-screen and off–but we’ll share a little bit about the vision at R CITY and how we can help build the path from cradle to career. Don’t worry, though: we won’t interrupt your game.  And just by coming you’re building the path, since all ticket proceeds will benefit R CITY.

Join us! Get your tickets here.