Aaron Eddy
Dreambuilders Music & Arts Instructor

email: aaron.eddy@rcitycdc.org

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What do you love about R CITY?

What I love about RCity is that we get involved in the natural flow of a child’s life.   We work to change any potential negative outcome through loving redirection of their focus, habits and/or involvements by giving them different experiences and presenting other options, so that they have the opportunity to make the best choices.

What is something/someone that helped you move along the path from cradle to career?

Parents, family and friends helped me move from cradle to career.  Seeing and being around people who had vision, drive, purpose and passion gave me the same desire to find my own path.  They were there to guide me and give advice that would benefit me in life. Without positive role models to follow, I wouldn’t have even known of opportunities available to me.  I’m very grateful for those mentors and people in my life that push and challenge me.  I’m equally grateful to be able to do the same for others.

Aaron is also the talented Director of Worship for River City Community Church.